Caroline Walters

Counselling Therapist, Certified Psychologist

No matter how overwhelming the issues that bring you in to see me, you have strengths of your own. I'll use assessment techniques to help you identify and build those strengths so you can learn to combat fear, mistrust, grief, or anger, and work towards freedom, mastery, trust, and joy.

As a Registered Psychologist, I bring to my therapy sessions the combined strengths of training and experience. I specialize in individual and family counselling with a particular focus on management of relationship issues, anxiety/fears, and depression. Working with individuals, teens, seniors, couples, or groups as required, I work to provide analysis, insight, humour, and skill training to help clients change, grow and heal. My my preferred method of counselling work is cognitive behavioural therapy, (CBT.) I began my professional training at the University of Alberta in 1972, completing a BA with a dual major in Psychology and Sociology. This provided an understanding of how people function both on their own and in groups. I followed that with a PDAD in Education, also at the University of Alberta, in 1974, gaining an understanding of the psychology of education, learning theory and effective teaching techniques. The next step was in 2005, a MSc at Loma Linda University (Canadian campus), specializing in personality development and effective counselling techniques. My early career was in real estate development. I understands the stresses of work and business. I also owned and operated a health club for five years, gaining a good grasp of the importance of fitness and nutrition to both physical and emotional health and spiritual well-being (although I am not a trained nutritionist). Following that, I owned and ran a half-way house for recovering addicts, a venture which motivated me to advanced training in psychology. I am registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a self-employed psychologist for 20 years, I have worked with hundreds of clients. Please feel free to call and ask those initial exploring type questions.

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